Kennett Square Development

Kennett Square is a new development created by Bruce Heys Builders from Ada, Michigan. The property, located at 8888 28th Street in Ada, features 30 acres of rolling terrain with gorgeous wooded lots in a secluded setting, yet only minutes away from downtown Ada and Cascade.

Eight executive lots with spectacular views, located in the Forest Hills School district.
map of planned development with link to development address - 8888 28th Street, Ada Michigan. Parcels described below.
Lot 1 6.87 Acres 2985 West Locust Lane

Lot 1: 2985 West Locust Lane – SOLD

6.87 Acres

The gently rolling valley on this lot makes it suitable for a walkout home with views of the pond and awesome southern exposure. The four acre sprawling lot provides flexibility for locating any home on this property.

Lot 2 3.45 Acres 2999 West Locust Lane

Lot 2: 2999 West Locust Lane

3.45 Acres

With unique views of the pond, this lot is one of the most spectacular in the Kennett Square development. The southern exposure, breathtaking views of the pond and rolling terrain lend this lot to the best walkout site in the development.

Lot 3 3.38 Acres 3013 West Locust Lane

Lot 3: 3013 West Locust Lane

3.38 Acres

A waterfront property with southern exposure and great privacy, Lot 3 has a front row view of the amazing nature this development has to offer. Over 3 acres provide privacy and many options to take advantage of all the views surrounding this piece of land.

Lot 4 4.54 Acres 3027 West Locust Lane

Lot 4: 3027 West Locust Lane – SOLD

4.54 Acres

Nestled between a gently rolling hill to the north and the pond to the south, Lot 4 offers an amazing setting for a walkout home. The 4 plus acres are the most picturesque land in the development.

Lot 5 2.62 Acres 3041 West Locust Lane

Lot 5: 3041 West Locust Lane – SOLD

2.62 Acres

This lot sits on an elevated site near the cul-de-sac. The 2.62 acres of land offer breathtaking views of nature in an amazing private setting.

Lot 6 2.89 Acres 3055 West Locust Lane

Lot 6: 3055 West Locust Lane – SOLD

2.89 Acres

One of the most secluded lots in the development, Lot 6 offers a completely wooded space facing the south, allowing for a captivating walkout. The almost 3 acre parcel sits on the cul-de-sac and captures breathtaking views of acres of nature.

Lot 7 3.11 Acres 3060 West Locust Lane

Lot 7: 3060 West Locust Lane – SOLD

3.11 Acres

Have your own sanctuary with the rolling hills surrounding Lot 7. This lot sits in the back of the development on the cul-de-sac to create a private space for a home on 3 plus acres.

Lot 8 3.48 Acres 3046 West Locust Lane

Lot 8: 3046 West Locust Lane – Fall 2024 Parade Home

3.48 Acres

Another very private lot in the development, Lot 8 offers magnificent views of rolling terrain, nature and heavily wooded land. The parcel lends to a stunning walkout site with potential for a beautiful back yard.

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